Challenge Wish List

Director’s House Challenge

Wish List

The categories of items below are essential for the Albright to function in its new renovated spaces. Consider contributing toward one or more of these items. Contact the Director if you would like to discuss how your contribution can have the biggest impact on the Institute and its fellows.

Projector, Screen, and Audio Equipment for the New Event Space

The new lecture hall more than doubles our capacity for lectures. A new screen, projector, and microphone are essential for our fellows to present their work to the academic community and for the Albright to showcase its work to the public.

Livestreaming Equipment

Our intensified advertising campaigns in recent years has significantly increased public awareness of our work. We have had numerous requests for making lectures available to those who can not attend. Equipment for livestreaming and recording the lectures will increase our reach dramatically, making the work of our fellows accessible to students, researchers, and the public live and for posterity.

Chairs for the new Event Space

The new event space will be able to accommodate more than 150 guests - triple what we can currently accommodate comfortably. New comfortable stacking chairs will be needed to for our more than 30 lecture and dinner events each year.

Conservation and Display of Albright history

In preparing for the renovations, a number of items of historical value to the institute were discovered. These include an old saddle that may have belonged to Albright himself, early 20th century surveying equipment, the buildings original wooden telephone switchboard, furniture, as well as numerous carpets and wall hangings. If cleaned up and conserved, these items will serve as fitting decorations for the new spaces celebrating the history of the Albright.


Or mail your check to:
Sam Cardillo
AIAR Comptroller
P.O. Box 40151
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Contributions made to the Albright are tax deductible. The Albright is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to advance archaeological and historical knowledge and to educate the public about the past and how it is studied.

After your order is processed, a tax receipt will be sent to the email and/or physical address associated with your order.

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