About the Institute

The W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem supports and facilitates research on the history and societies of the Near East from prehistory through the twenty-first century. Albright scholars document and preserve material and textual evidence as cultural resources and educate the public about the history and cultures of the region. The Albright Institute pursues these multidisciplinary goals by promoting archaeological and historical research and excavation, sponsoring doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships, and including students and the public in our lecture and research programs. The Albright is committed to diversity in its scholarly community and outreach.

Located in an historic 1920’s-period building, now a Jerusalem landmark, the Albright maintains residential and research facilities including a 35,000 volume library, publication offices, and archaeological workshops. Annually, 65 fellows from diverse national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, and including Israeli and Palestinians participate in AIAR’s international fellowship program. It offers a unique opportunity for interaction and the exchange of information and ideas, and promotes intellectual integrity and respect in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. This environment is not duplicated in any other similar institution in the region.

The Institute provides support for North American archaeological excavations and surveys; it also promotes working relationships with other local and foreign institutions in Israel and fosters friendly interaction with the neighboring community.

Contributions can be made online or to our US Office:

Angie Quinn, US Finance Manager 
Albright Institute of Archaeological Research
6031 26th Street North
Arlington, VA 22207


The Albright is US 5013(c) non profit organization and all contributions are tax deductable.

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